Noir Starter - Tailwind HTML Template

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What's Included?

Noir is a HTML Template designed by Wicked Templates

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  • Noir is a single page landing page template
  • Tailwind version 3+
  • PostCSS 8
  • custom tailwind.config.js
  • Includes the final HTML files in a neat and tidy folder structure.
  • The source files are also included. Theses files are in the src folder and use handlebars templating, partials and includes and a basic Webpack build pipeline to compile into the HTML dist files above.
  • Easily copy and paste entire pages, sections or individual components into any project.
  • Fully responsive design
  • Alpine.js & minimal vanilla Javascript
  • Ready to deploy on any static web hosting
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Noir Starter Template - HTML/CSS & Source Files

Tailwind Version
HTML Files
Source files
Included in src folder. Gulp/Webpack build pipeline
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Noir Starter - Tailwind HTML Template

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